Why We Need Your Help

The Art at the End of the Tunnel

The thing about a good conversation is that it keeps going, and art is very much a conversation. The process of creating a project and listening to the response it generates propels you into your next project. It prepares you with new tools and experiences and fills you with ideas and questions. You and your audience are ready to take the next step and talk about the new things. And we are very dedicated to this talking.

So even if we reach our funding goals to make Eurydice in Grand Central a reality, we are not going to stop finding ways to keep our costs low. And any money that we raise beyond the costs of the show will be directed towards future projects. Consider it a 2+ for 1 special – donations will go towards this project and, with a little luck and a lot of generosity, the art that these experiences and conversations lead to next.

We suspect that all artists wish that their work could be separated from the constrains of money. That art could be financially accessible to larger audiences because there were fewer debts to pay up the chain. That no one ever had to chose between integrity of vision and cost. But because this is not the case, we need your help.

Here is a list of things we need money for:

  • Our largest cost will be renting the space. Though we have found an artist-centric space that tries to keep its rents as low as possible, we still need around $1000 for a 3 or 4 day run.
  • Transportation to and from NYC. We should be able to travel as a group there once – before tech – and return once, but it still ads up, even on discount buses.
  • Marketing. It is more important than I like to admit, and more costly. But it is necessary if we want the conversation to happen. Theatre is about bringing people together, and can only happen if people know when and where to go.
  • Administrative costs
  • Insurance is pricy, and we always hope we won’t have claim any of it. But it is important. Spaces require proof of insurance before they will rent to you, and with good reason.

If you’re convinced it’s a wise investment, please ever-so-kindly head over to our IndieGoGo campaign, pick the perk that pleases you, and contribute your cash to the conversations.


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