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Falling in Love is like ____ (fill in the blank)

Could you help us think about something? Could you fill in the blanks?

"Falling in Love" bit - Nina and Sammi. Photo credit: Valerie Giacobbe, Lights: Ashley W. Mills

Falling in love is like _______

Having your heart broken is like _________

I probably will not stop asking questions.


What is your hope (for Eurydice?)

Eurydice in Market East/ Grand Central begins by looking forward. It begins with hope.

This video contains the opening sound clip from Eurydice in Market East, along with pictures from the show.

Eurydice in Market East Opening from Sarah M on Vimeo.

So I want to ask you: given the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, what is your hope for E?

Who knows, as we re-develop the piece, your words may end up in the new performance. (Please note in your comment if we do or do not have permission to use your answer as part of the piece.)

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