Want to know what it’s like to being in rehearsal with Tactus?  Believe it or not, it’s not all table work and contact improv.  Below is just a sample of the ridiculous things we say and do in rehearsal.

“I don’t know anything about hearts!  I just break them!”  (Sammie, 5-8)

“Banana hands.”  (Olivia, 5-8)

“I keep thinking that’s my shirt over there, but them I’m like, how is that possible?  It’s on my body!”  (Nina, 5-8)

“We are inside a vagina now!  This is feminism!”  (5-8)

“You guys don’t need a director, do you?”  “No, but we could use a giraffe.”  “Yes, but only if you have banana hands.”  (Sarah, Nina, & Rachel, 5-10)

“I like working with people who are disciplined and who can discipline me…that sounds bad.”  (Nina, 5-10)

“But she cray-cray.”  (Rachel, 5-10)

“I want awards raining from the sky.”  “Do they have to be prestigious awards?  Or can they be awards I’ve made up?”  (Sarah & Nina, 5-14)

“I got a crazy on my back?  Shit.”  (Rachel, 5-14)

“You never see the snake.  That’s the problem.” (Rachel, on how EGC is like a horror movie, 5-21)

“I’m having issues with this line.  I’ll say it anyway.”  (Sammie, 5-21)

“That word only has one ‘L'”  “Unless you’re writing ‘Llama'”  (Nina & Sammie, 5-21)

“I just got really distracted by my eraser.”  (Sarah, 5-21)

“I’m sorry, can you repeat that?  The crunching was drowning you out.”  (Nina, 5-21)

“I- I’m sorry, did you say pubes?”  (Rachel, 5-21)

“Oh.  Booger.”  (Sammie, 6/1)

“So, you’re going to craft her with your boobs.”  (Sarah, 6/1)

“And that’s how Hades was born…we gotta get some tassels going.”  (Rachel, 6/1)

“It’s like I’m Harry Potter and I’m using my wand to pull her from my mind.”  (Olivia, 6/1)

“She’s just…so many feelings.”  (Olivia, 6/1)

“Excuse me, girl?  Oh, hold my earrings.”  (Olivia, 6/1)

“(Inarticulate Sentence)…that wasn’t English.”  (Rachel, 6/4)

“PIPES.” (Nina, 6/4)

“Double-fisting pencils.” (Olivia, 6/4)

“Whenever I group hug, it’s nothing but boobs.” (Rachel, 6/4)

“I am Telemundo.” (Rachel, 6/4)

“Do0-doooo-doodoodoo:  Banana Hands.” (Sammie, 6/4)

“I have purple toes!” (Sammie, 6/7)

“Your neutral is crooked!” “I know!  I’m trying to straighten myself out!  Orpheus doesn’t have scoliosis!”  (Nina & Sammie, 6/7)

“NEAAAH HA HA HA HA!  OLE’!!!” (Sammie, 6/7)

Ashley M: Is the Movement/sound of E dieting the snack bite? (Corrected: Is the movement/sound of E dying the snake bite?) (Production talk 6/9)


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