Perks 1: Coin Tosses and Posters and Pictures

First, congratulations to contributor Melody!

There was a tie for the largest donation between the FB announcement of free tickets to Ego Po’s show, A Dybbuk, and the end of the campaign. Which really meant that we had to hold a coin toss.

We assign heads and tails and prepare for the coin toss.

And Melody won. We will be mailing out her voucher in the next day or so.

The result of the coin toss.

We also finished preparing the posters for those who chose the $25-dollar perk. Here is an example of a signed poster from the original production of Eurydice in Market East!

One of the signed posters for our awesome supporters.

So I may be biased here, but I think that that is one pretty poster. And I’m pleased that I finally found a use for the silver marker I’d had in my drawer for two years.

See you in NYC!


P.S. In case you are wondering, we will be rolling out perks as we get through them over the course of the next month, but everything will be ready for you when the show opens in June.


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