Thank You


Thank you for such a successful fundraising campaign. We could not have done it without every dollar, ever “share,” and every email.

"I really hate this place."
Photo credit: Valerie Giacobbe.
Lighting design: Ashely W. Mills

You may have seen my most recent update on the fundraising site, but just in case, here are a few updates:

We have our first rehearsal for the NYC production on Tuesday. I am excited to see the full cast together for the first time. They keep telling me that they are excited to be getting started. One of them emailed me today to ask for the rehearsal mp3 of one of the songs, despite never having seen any of the script. I am surrounded by not only talented, but dedicated artists, and am looking forward to working with them over the next several weeks.

Of course, while we are all gathered together, we will be sure to get organized about your perks. Please watch this space for update about those in the coming days. I, for one, and looking forward to sitting down with my crafting supplies to make post cards. It will be a good way to unwind between rehearsals.

We all have ideas and plans to make the show even better. We are going to be cutting down the script and developing new music. Adrian wants to re-work and expand the soundscapes. Ashley will be faced with the new challenges presented by a new space. We are also already discussing the ways that we do and do not directly deal with the story of Eurydice and the history of that story, and how we can do so with more clarity and elegance.

On to the art stuff!


(P.S. If you meant to donate, but missed the online deadline, let us know. Just send a note to your Tactus friend and we’ll figure it all out.)


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