Let There Be Light!

As you know, one of the perks for contributing to the campaign is getting to ask a question about the show or the process. Here is one of the first questions that we received and are excited to answer. Since it is about lights, we let Ashely Mills tackle it.

A Question from Miriam:

The lighting in “Eurydice” is very creative.  I’m wondering which piece was the most challenging to light–and was it fun to do, or frustrating?  Are you happy with the result?

A Response from Lighting Designer Ashely Mills:

Designing Eurydice was a different kind of production for me.  Since the script was created from found text there are no stage directions, no setting or time of day references.  This can be freeing and allow a designer to do what ever they want but also does not provide clues on how to light the show.  This is when Sarah as the director provides that inspiration with  what she wanted the lights to reinforce/say in each moment of the show.  It early design meetings we talked about what she is looking as a general look/feel to the show.  Such as is it a ‘bright show’ or a ‘dark show’?  Are there any special looks/effects that should be accomplished? These conversations determined for me what I would need to accomplish as the lighting Designer.

The other huge factor that affects every lighting designer is the constraints of the performance space, the lighting system, lighting inventory and how much power is available.  The space that Eurydice was performed in was a just renovated studio space in a art gallery.  It was so new they did not have there lighting system put together yet.  As the Master electrician at the Wilma theatre I was also to borrow lights, and a small light board.  Also with this space there was not very much power so that limited how many lights I could use. I also did not see the space and find out the power limitations until less then a week before the show.  This meant quickly coming up with a design that would do what I wanted.

All that being said even with a small amount of lights to work with it was a wonderful creative process, with Sarah asking for a scene to feel certain way and providing different options and finding something that achieved the goal.  That is what is so wonderful about theatre is being able to take something, anything, and create something wonderful that speaks about the human condition and connects with the Audience.

-Ashley Mills

Please add your response to this to our comments section. We would love to hear what you have to add or say. Want to ask some questions of your own? Check out the perks on our fundraising site where you can find opportunities to ask the cast and crew questions, as well as other fun goodies!


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